Melany’s breakfast meeting picks

It’s back! School that is.  With school comes a bunch of school meetings…PTA, fundraising, you know the drill.  Here are easy to make morning breakfast meeting favourites.


1.  These pancake poppers from our friends at Deliciously Yum are beyond easy to make with only 10 ingredients that are staples in any household.  I personally love to make them with blueberries instead of chocolate chips.



2.  I go to tons of “mom” meetings where the moms don’t get up and eat all the carbs so this is one I love to do. I pull out my champagne or wine glasses and fill them with fruit. So easy, looks lovely and easy to serve.  A topping of vanilla yogurt just makes it over the top decadent.



3. If there is one items that our mom crew just devours is our quiche cups. This one is so easy, it doesn’t even use dough.  If you are staying away from gluten and bread, it can easily be done as a mini frittata.




4. Breakfast Bruschetta is hard to beat. I make this one with crushed avocado on crunchy bread and then I top it with a bit of scrambled eggs with chives and a piece of tomato.  Simple and delicious.



5.  You’re going to need a cocktail! Right?  Try serving these grapefruit and strawberry mimosas for an instant hit. Blend strawberries with 1 cup of grapefruit juice and then pour into champagne.  Voila.  Delicious.






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